TKP Corporation conducts investor relations (IR) according to a fundamental policy of providing fair, accurate and easily comprehensible information on management policies, operating strategies and financial information to shareholders, investors and all stakeholders. The following IR policies are designed to earn the trust and support of shareholders and investors.

Information Disclosure Methods

TKP Corporation disseminates important information subject to Tokyo Stock Exchange timely disclosure rules through information media and the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet). TKP Corporation also rapidly disseminates information via its IR website. In addition, TKP Corporation uses its website and other media channels for information not subject to timely disclosure rules to ensure fair, accurate and timely disclosure of information. 

Quiet Period

TKP Corporation works to prevent leakage of performance data and secure fairness by observing a quiet period of approximately one month prior to announcements of results. During this period, TKP Corporation does not comment on or respond to questions about its results, and refrains from discussing results at individual or group meetings. However, TKP Corporation does make timely public announcements as per timely disclosure rules should material events occur during this quiet period.

Future Prediction

The content posted on this website other than past or present facts consists of plans, future projections, or strategies based on currently available information and includes risks and uncertainties. Actual results may vary materially from these projections due to factors including risks or uncertainties pertaining to the economic situation, market trends, or changes in the tax system or other regulatory regimes.

Positioning Investor Information on IR website

The sole purpose of this IR website is to provide information to enable shareholders, investors and other stakeholders to understand the business activities, management policies and plans, financial condition and other matters concerning TKP Corporation, not to solicit the purchase or sale of the Company's shares or any other investments. Investors are requested to make investment decisions based on their own judgment.