I would like to open this message by expressing my heartfelt gratitude for your continuing support and interest in the TKP GROUP.

Founded in 2005, TKP is a forerunner in the area of corporate space-sharing. We started business by putting idle real estate to effective use: leasing space from owners, renovating it into conference rooms, and making the rooms available for corporate customers.

Expanding beyond our roots in hourly renting conference rooms to offering mid-to-long term office services, in 2019 we have acquired Regus Japan Holdings K.K.

We have built up our own nationwide network in the flexible office business where we provide on-demand space services, and we now manage 427 facilities includes 14 facilities overseas as of Feb. 2021.

The COVID19 has had a great impact on our work style and the demand for flexible office is getting higher. TKP group, as a leading company of space sharing business will continuously create value to meet the demand of the time and enhance the shareholders’ value further more.

I offer my appreciation to all of our shareholders and investors, and thank you for your continued support.

Please look forward to great progress in the near future.


Takateru Kawano

President, Chief Executive Officer